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The Big Day Agency is the one stop shop for your Wedding, Dinner Dance or Corporate Event. Our acts cover the whole of the musical spectrum… from A to Z you name it we do it! And not only that but we will travel to anywhere in the known universe to play your event – so lets get this party started!


Contact Big Day Agency

Nicola on 086 0282804 or Joe on 087 6318576

Email: info@bigdayagency.net

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Recent News

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Weddings Played

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Miles Travelled

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Amount of Strings Broken

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Cups of Coffee

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"You played our wedding in the Sheraton Athlone on 27th April. We just wasted to say a massive thank you to you and the band - you guys were genuinely superb; I don’t know how many times I was asked ‘where did you get the band, they’re fantastic!!’ If you ever need a reference etc please do not hesitate to contact us!"

Rob & Trish

"Just want to say a massive thanks to an amazing night. Everyone raved about how fantastic the music was. We loved the Lumineers ‘Hey Ho’ it was class! We danced and danced the night away ye were brilliant and want to say thank you so much for making our day more amazing. It was the icing on the cake! Just cannot rave about you enough the music was brilliant. You and the guys do and amazing job and I would highly recommend for anyone to book this band because they are Galway’s IT band. Thank you."

Fiona and Kenneth

"At one stage when I went out to the lobby area (about 3am) to say goodnight to a few Aunties and Uncles from Tipperary who were off to bed, one of my uncles (you know the type, the smart arse who always finds it hard to give a compliment) stopped me, and I’ll quote him ‘Enda, of all the weddings I’ve ever been to, that is without doubt the best band I’ve ever seen!! 'There was a group sitting outside including my parents talking about how good you were, talk about stealing our thunder!!! Enda and Emma McCarthy"

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We’re designed to get your people dancing!

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